Alejandro Andreatta - Biography


A native of Venezuela, Alejandro Andreatta has lived in Santa Barbara, California for over 20 years. He fondly remembers his 15th birthday when his Dad took him to Panama to buy a real camera, the Canon A1. Needless to say, it was baptized with a picture of the Panama Canal.

Alejandro has the unique ability to integrate his professional and personal interests with his photography. As a trained engineer specialized in polymers, he developed a passion for photographing microscopic crystals. This talent won him second prize in the Nikon Small World Competition in 1995. Several of these images have appeared in commercial brochures and university publications.

During a 10-month stay in Tunisia from 2002-2003, Alejandro dedicated himself solely to shooting and exhibiting North African images. Subsequently, he was published as a Finalist in The Natural World Competition for Smithsonian Magazine in June 2004 for his image entitled 'Desert Beetle.'

You’ll usually find Alejandro with a camera and backpack, hiking in the mountains. He loves capturing natural subject matter in new and different ways, while enjoying the outdoors. "When I feel completely present to what I am doing, and connected to everything around me, it shows in my images."